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 Joe Meyers - Yet Another Loader Design

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Dik Harrison


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PostSubject: Joe Meyers - Yet Another Loader Design   April 9th 2009, 1:12 am

This thread was originally posted on SMC by Joe Meyers. It is here with his permission.

Dino's new EZ Self Loader can be used with different woodworking equipment to help "load" plywood/heavy/long wood onto a table saw, PBB, work bench, Smart Table, etc. In case you haven't seen it yet, his prototype can be found at:

(the video has since been removed.)

You will note how well it is integrated into the PBB (Power Bench - Bridge) providing an infeed table (or I guess, in some cases, outfeed), extension for the Bridge, and I'm sure, many other things). And as Dino said, can be used for TS, workbenches, etc.

I had a hip operation a couple of years ago and found it very difficult to load plywood (or anything) on the
Smart Table, workbench, etc. Dino knew about my situation and so about 1-1/2 years ago, he told me he was working on a "Self Loader" but for various reasons, would not be ready for some time.

He gave me a bunch of design ideas allowing me to come up with my own "limited" version. For those not
that familiar with the EZ System, coming up with ones "own" design is not that unusual; the system lends itself to that type of "add-ons".

Dino's version works on gravity whereby at least half of the weight ends up at or over height as the table. And as noted above, it also does a bunch of other things. Mine - all it does is to help lift the plywood and with your own power, not gravity.

My original one worked for one of my Smart Table and workbench (never got around to doing my TS as if it is big enough for my Loader, it was too big for the TS). Instead of gravity, mine uses a couple of "legs" (supports) to hold the wood at different angles while lifting, i.e., don't have to lift the wood at once. But this is one of those cases where one picture is worth a thousand words. (And please excuse the quality of the pictures --- if required, I could take better ones).

The first picture is a picture of the unit folded. The second picture is of the bottom of the unit, not pretty but it works. Notice the rope which I used because I had trouble bending over (still do).

The next 3 pictures are of the basic unit in its 3 position: (1) load, (2) at app 45 degrees with the 1st support holding up the piece and (3) in the up position with the 2nd support holding up the piece.

The final 3 pictures are of the "loader" in its 3 position but with the wood on it: (1) load, (2) at app 45 degrees with the 1st support holding up the piece and (3) in the up position with the 2nd support holding up the piece.

Regards (and again, may the EZ Be With You), Joe
Two weeks, your project will be done in two weeks!!! (From the Money Pit)

Dik Harrison Posted:

Thumbs up Great concept.

Joe, what a wonderfully simply, elegant and effective solution to the problem of lifting the monsters (plywood, MDF, and MDF). They get heavier every year. I wish I could be so elegant in my designs, but I'm cursed with the over engineer and over build genes.

Les Spencer Posted:


Simple but very effective. Thanks for sharing.
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PostSubject: Re: Joe Meyers - Yet Another Loader Design   April 9th 2009, 1:27 am

I had forgot completely about that. Thanks
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Joe Meyers - Yet Another Loader Design
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