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 The ez future.

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PostSubject: The ez future.   May 3rd 2009, 10:35 pm

Time to talk about the ez future.

I asked few friends to come up with an ez plan.
Here is a start that is going to be the tickets for the schools and not only.

Intro to the EZ Smart

What is the EZ Smart?
The EZ Smart is a well-designed system of tools designed to help you cut wood precisely, efficiently, and most importantly, safely. At EZ Smart we are not designing tools to have a low rate of accidents; we are designing them to have ZERO accidents.

With existing tools, how can one get hurt cutting wood?
1. By being exposed to the blade. A tablesaw is an inherently dangerous tool because the blade is on top, and facing you. We feel that the traditional method of pushing wood into a rotating blade is dangerous and, well, crazy! So many things can go wrong. Talk to any woodworker who has been in the trade for years, and you will find nearly all of them has experienced or witnessed a bad accident that occurred as a result of using dangerous tools.

2. Through kickback. When wood is not properly supported, and/or if it binds, a rapidly spinning blade can throw the wood towards you or someone around you, causing injury or worse. This is something else you can ask any long-time woodworker about, and they will surely have stories for you about the dangers of kickback. If you are supporting wood in a dangerous way, it doesn't matter how carefully you cut it--a dangerous system will fail you.

How can the EZ Smart System avoid you getting hurt?
1. We keep the user away from the blade. The EZ Smart is designed to be used with a circular saw, because that particular tool has the blade on the bottom. And since a circular saw is handheld, it is easier to control.

2. The EZ Smart uses the "dead wood" concept, which means the wood is supported in such a way that it is "dead"--any potential for it to be thrown by kickback is negated by the way in which it is clamped to the guide rail. When using the EZ Smart system in the correct way--which is simple to do, by the way--it is virtually impossible to have an accident.

What can I use the EZ Smart for?
A variety of woodcutting operations. You can make perfectly accurate, perfectly straight cuts on wood of various thicknesses, various widths, and infinite lengths. The possibilities are endless.

What makes the EZ Smart any better than any other tool out there?
In addition to the safety points we've outlined above, the EZ Smart is far less expensive than a tablesaw. It also enables you to perform many operations that would be dangerous on a table saw--tapered cuts, for instance--in complete safety. And you can also make cuts that would require assistance on a table saw--for example , imagine trying to rip a 4x8 sheet of plywood by yourself on a table saw; people would say you were crazy, and even if you had some sort of system of jigs and push-sticks to do this, how long would it take you to set up? But using the EZ Smart, a single person working by themself can quickly, safely, and accurately rip a 4x8 sheet with no problem.

What are the components of the EZ Smart System?
At its most basic, the EZ Smart System consists of four components: A guide rail, a Smart Base, Smart Clamps, and anti-chip inserts.

For cutting, we use a circular saw--any circular saw, including one you are already using--attached to the Smart Base. The Smart Base rides safely and securely along the guide rail, held in place by gravity and the simple pressure of your hand. The wood is held securely in place by the Smart Clamps, which are adjustable and attached to the bottom of the guide rail. The anti-chip inserts are integrated into the edge of the guide rail; they provide a slight amount of pressure on the wood at the point of the cut, so you get a nice, smooth edge with no splinters.

Is the system complicated, does it take a long time to learn?
It does not take a long time to learn to use the EZ Smart--once you are shown how to use it, you will make an absolutely perfect cut on the first try, whether you have years of woodworking experience or if this is your first time touching a power tool.
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The ez future.
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